Solar Bitcoin mining

Solar-powered Bitcoin mining rigs that transform excess energy capacity from renewable energy into money. Envisions a wide network of rigs.


Bitcoin generates net-new value from  "mining" in a distributed network. In this work, we explore solar  micro-mining rigs that transform excess energy capacity from renewable  energy (hard to trade) into money (fungible). Each rig runs a small  Bitcoin miner and produces Bitcoin “dust” for micropayments. We envision  these micro-miners populating a highly distributed network, across  rooftops, billboards, and other outdoor spaces. Where systematic or  environmental restrictions limit the ability to freely trade the  underlying commodity, micro-mining produces new economic viability.  Renewable energy-based, micropayment mining systems can broaden  financial inclusion in the Bitcoin network, particularly among  populations that need a currency for temporary store of value and must  rely on flexible electricity off the grid (e.g., unbanked populations in  the developing world). This exploration seeds a longer-term goal to  enable open access to digital currency via account-free infrastructure  for the public good.