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dci research presentation series: Rhys Lindmark on 'The Ethics and Societal Impact of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology'

The Digital Currency Initiative hosts its weekly research presentation series. Invited speakers and DCI affiliates present on their projects and other relevant research.

Wednesday’s 3:00-4:00pm ET

Who: Rhys Lindmark - Head of Community and Long-term Societal Impact

Title: 'The Ethics and Societal Impact of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology’


Although cryptocurrency is still in its infancy, some experts believe that a blockchain-enabled "network of value" may have societal implications comparable to the Internet. If blockchain technology has even 10% of the Internet's impact, we should take great care in developing it. Unlike other fields of tech ethics (AI ethics, biotech ethics), the philosophical implications of cryptocurrency are not yet defined. In fact, we haven't even settled on the right questions to ask. Our collective task—building the field of crypto ethics—is both daunting and exciting. In the end, the crucial question is this: How can we positively shape the development of cryptocurrency technology?

Invited guests only: If you are interested in joining the meeting in-person or remotely please contact