cryptoeconomic Systems Summit: Building a Field of Cryptocurrency Research

We welcome you to Cambridge this fall for a two-day gathering at the MIT Media Lab on October 5th and 6th focused on collaboratively building an interdisciplinary field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology research. By gathering academics, practitioners and industry leaders from a variety of areas we aim to foster a fruitful exchange of ideas in preparation for the launch of a new Open Access journal published by The MIT Press, "Cryptoeconomic Systems".

The conference will consist of two full days of presentations and discussion sessions. Full details are to follow.

Date: 5-6 October 2019

Location: The MIT Media Lab, 75 Amherst St, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Hotel: Hyatt Regency Cambridge, 575 Memorial Dr., Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02139-4896. Book conference rate.


Tickets are available by invitation only - To apply for an invitation please complete this form.

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Bursaries are available for students, hardship and D&I. Please complete this form.

Confirmed Speakers

There will be a broad cross-section of top researchers from academia and industry presenting and attending. Confirmed speakers and session chairs include: 

Ittai Abraham (VMWare Research)

Robleh Ali (MIT DCI)

Wassim Alsindi (MIT DCI)

Oleg Andreev (Interstellar)

Cathy Barrera (Prysm Group)

Jonathan Beller (Pratt Institute)

Robert Bench (Federal Reserve of Boston)

Bryan Bishop

Tarun Chitra (Gauntlet)

Sonja Davidovic (IMF)

Tadge Dryja (MIT DCI)

Quinn DuPont (UC Dublin)

Cory Fields (MIT DCI)

Gary Gensler (MIT)

Byron Gibson (Stanford)

Hanna Halaburda (NYU Stern)

Arjun Hassard (NuCypher)

Ethan Heilman (Arwen)

Maurice Herlihy (Brown)

Ari Juels (Cornell Tech, IC3)

Sreeram Kannan (University of Washington, Seattle)

Aniket Kate (Purdue)

Summer Kim (UC Irvine)

Benjamin Lee (The New School)

Rhys Lindmark (MIT DCI)

Jorge Lopez (ECSA)

Majid Malaika (IMF)

Dahlia Malkhi (Calibra)

Jacky Mallett (U. Reykjavik)

Robert Meister (UCSC)

Andrew Miller (UIUC)

Charlie Noyes (Paradigm)

Kris Paruch (Cryptoeconomics Lab, WU Vienna)

Jason Potts (RMIT)

Andrew Poelstra (Blockstream)

Monica Quaintance (Kadena)

Ellie Rennie (RMIT)

Carla Reyes (Michigan State)

Tim Ruffing (Blockstream)

Reihaneh Safavi-Naini (U. Calgary)

Benjamin Smith (Gnosis)

Claudio Tessone (U. Zurich)

Jason Teutsch (Truebit)

David Tse (Stanford)

Akseli Virtanen (ECSA)

Madars Virza (MIT DCI)

Pramod Viswanath (UIUC)

David Vorick (Nebulous)

Shermin Voshmgir (Cryptoeconomics Lab, WU Vienna)

Angela Walch (St. Mary’s, UCL)

Matt Weinberg (Princeton)

Kevin Werbach (UPenn Wharton)

Michael Zargham (BlockScience)

Zixuan Zhang (Protocol Labs)

Co-editors in Chief

Neha Narula - Director of MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative

Andrew Miller - Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, in Electrical and Computer Engineering and affiliate in Computer Science / Associate Director of the Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts IC3

Journal and Conference Team